Help with editing comments.php please?

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    Firstly thanks for this theme it’s awesome.

    I’m trying to use the Simple Facebook Connect plugin and all has gone well. But I need to make an amendment to comments.php so that the Facebook button and the users Facebook profile picture is used instead of the gravatar one. The plugin author’s site says:

    To make the SFC-Comments plugin work (on older themes), you need to edit your comments form. This is probably in your theme’s comments.php file.


    Find the three inputs for the author, email, and url information. They need to have those ID’s on the inputs (author, email, url). This is what the default theme and all standardized themes use, but some may be slightly different. You’ll have to alter them to have these ID’s in that case.

    Just before the first input, add this code:


    <div id="comment-user-details">


    <?php do_action('alt_comment_login'); ?>

    Just below the last input (not the comment text area, just the name/email/url inputs), add this:



    That will add the necessary pieces to allow the script to work.

    Note: Newer themes that use the comments_form() function don’t have to add any code added to them at all. The plugin automatically handles that case.

    I’ve looked through comments.php but for the life of me I can’t figure out where I’m meant to be inserting this div, any chance of a pointer in the right direction please?

    Thanks again,




    I have been using:

    For a while now and did not need to edit anything. Facebook avatar shows and everything.



    OPShots, thank you! After a bit of fiddling with it that plugin seems much better suited to what I need and no hacking code. 🙂

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