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    Hi Amanda.

    Well, sorry it was night here 🙂

    Try read this post step by step:




    Hi Kim,

    Thank you…

    I think I made some progress…but my slider is still blue, here’s the code in my custom CSS…let me know what I am doing wrong!

    Thanks, this theme is SO awesome!



    Hi how are you, I love this site and I am way excited. Please see what i have done so far at…

    question, is there anyway to take the border off the sliding show? I want it to look a lot like this site.. see how hers has no border?

    Next thing, can I change my menu color?

    I think there are two menu bars and I really only need one. I am sorry I am being so picky but I really want to make an awsome impression. there seems to be a double stack of grey bars under the menu. is this two menus and can I delete one?

    Thanks Priscilla



    Hi Priscilla

    Well, lets look at the slider first 🙂

    I have tried to describe slider change here:


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