HELP! Weird spam link & I can find it to kill it :)

  • Sean B


    Noob here

    So we implemented Graphene on and love it but noticed when we try to post a link to facebook a weird spammy chunk of copy was appearing:

    “Living paycheck coming back from damaging your best recommended reading Australia recommended reading Australia” and it goes on and on for paragraphs with a link out

    I can’t for the life of me find where in the theme this SEO spam copy/link coming from – I think it’s the Header, but I’m not seeing it.

    Any help? View-Source on to see what I am talking about



    It seems your site has been compromised. Deactivate all plugins and reinstall the theme. Be careful while choosing plugins. Pay extra attention when installing plugins from out side the plugin repository.

    See this page –

    Sean B



    Sean B


    so it’s not in the theme at all (I switched themes and the spam is still there)

    Thanks so much for the quick response – really appreciate it!

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