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    I know this is completely off-topic from the forum. But I have met lots of people here I have helped… and now I’m asking for a little help in return.

    If you fluently speak another language other than English, I would appreciate your help translating a plugin. It has about 75 strings of simple text needing to be translated.

    Anyone who can help, just reply here and I’ll happily provide you with instructions.


    – Josh


    Kenneth John Odle


    Ultimate TinyMCE?

    Are there any languages you are looking for in particular?



    Yes sir. I was thinking Spanish and French to start with… although I’m certainly appreciative for anything else. I’m not really sure what the dominant WP languages are.

    I’m still learning as I go, but I think I’ve got it figured out for the most part. It does require downloading and installing a very small program called “POEdit” to make the translations.



    You reminded me my job.. 😉



    It’s okay Prasanna, You told me you wouldn’t be available until today anyways.

    If you don’t mind, let’s me and you talk through our emails. So we don’t clutter up the forum. You are the first one I’ve worked on this with… so it’s probably going to take some trial and error 🙂



    translation is almost done. Will mail you later. And, yes.. email/IM is a better option to talk about this..



    You are fantastic, my friend. Thank you much.

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