Help! strange problem

  • stabiasport


    in shows is what I see in the control panel and site access with disappearance of all widgets



    Prasanna SP


    Disable all plugins and see if the issue resolves. One of your plugins might be broken.

    Have you ever edited WordPress/Theme/Plugins core files?



    disabled all plugins but the problem remains.

    Could be hacked?

    Prasanna SP


    Likely. Do you have a backup?



    unfortunately no : (

    Prasanna SP


    Talk to your host about this issue.



    the host recommended me

    your site is compromised by a hacker, probably for a malicious code in the theme or some plugin.

    Update wordpress, themes, plugins. change password in cpanel and wordpress.

    Prasanna SP


    Okay, do a thorough scan your WordPress/Themes/Plugins for malicious code. It may be anywhere from root to uploads. This plugin is helpful to scan WordPress –



    TEAM HAXORSISTZ are the hacher

      looks picture


    Prasanna SP


    Okay, clean up the site and shut all the backdoors. Found same kind of issue on WordPress forum –

    Shoot me an email if you want any help in cleaning up hacked site.



    I have read, but I can not fix anything! I am not able

    what is your email?

    Prasanna SP


    Check with your host. They might be able to restore your site from an old backup. Most of the hosts keep daily and weekly backups.

    You can reach me at But I’m not really free right now. Exam season..

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