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  • klrich810


    I’m a rookie so help me out! I just launched my page but want my blogs to go under separate tabs. Food articles should go on food tab etc. Everything is going to the Home page. I created Categories but still loading on Home page. Thanks in advance


    Kenneth John Odle


    By default, new posts always show up on the front page on a WordPress blog. I don’t see a food tab, so I’m not sure what you are referring to there.

    You may want to look into a static home page. Let me know if I am not guessing correctly as to what you need.

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    Thanks, yes it’s set to a static home page. My tabs are called what we ate, what we drank etc. So If I want to post a food article, I want it on the what we ate tab. Some blogs may be about a place with a great drink so I was thinking I could mark the category for where we went and what we drank. Can I make this modification to allow?

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