help removing table lines/borders and 'Home' page title help

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    How do you remove a table from within a post, I have added the following but it is still showing the table in faint grey?

    <table style="border: solid 2px #ffffff;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

    This is the page:

    My working test site

    Also I am trying to remove my ‘Home’ text from the home page using the following but cant seem to get it to work as I already have code in my custom style sheet so not sure where to put it?



    Add this to custom CSS

    table td, table th, table tr {
    border: none;

    #post-355 .post-title {
    display: none;



    Thats great, thanks, just what I was after 🙂



    Just checked site in IE and it is showing a black table around one table on some of my pages, it’s the only one? would you know why?

    Thanks 🙂


    #post-23 table {
    border: none;



    I have put that in but is still showing randomly? why would this be? only in IE?



    Did you clear browser cache in IE? I don’t have IE, but table shows up fine in



    I have cleared the history and it is showing an outer border on the table on some pages, and it shows it for me in netrender too ? but only half of what IE shows.

    screen shot


    Syahir Hakim

    I have cleared the history

    History and cache are two different things. Usually just hitting CTRL+F5 while on the page will do to clear the cache.



    If you want to remove table border site wide, remove #post-23 from the above code. i.e just use,

    table {
    border: none;

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