Help please :::::: ERROR: please type a comment.

  • M de Nikas


    Hello all, and thanks for reading this… I was playing with the editor, and I must have done something horrible, .. If you try to post a reply, and press Submit, you go to a blank page with this message: ERROR: please type a comment.

    thank you very much in advance!



    Try replacing the comments.php file with a fresh one. Download a new copy of graphene and upload the comments.php file replacing the original.

    M de Nikas


    Thanks Josh, I had the same idea, althought I was not sure which file I damage, I was translating English language to spanish.

    I’veen looking a round, where are the new php pages to download? thank you very much!


    M de Nikas


    thank you very much, I updated the info, but I get the same message

    ERROR: please type a comment.

    what could be??


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure. The link to your page doesn’t work.

    If you don’t remember what you were editing, you should try reinstalling the theme via FTP.

    M de Nikas


    Thanks Kenneth

    this is the page

    I did not start editing this page, I just got it as it is almost, only I was translating at the moment and changing CSS….

    thank you!

    M de Nikas


    This is where the page gives an error as you try to send a post


    Syahir Hakim


    You have changed the name attribute of the comment textarea from comment to comentari. Change it back to comment and it should work.

    By the way, editing the theme’s files is not the way to translate the strings. If you do that, you’re stuck with either not updating the theme, or losing all your changes when you update the theme.

    See the instructions here for the proper way to do it:

    M de Nikas


    AH!!!Thank you very much Syahir!! I am so silly.. .ha ha. Graphic designers… thanks a lot for the translation helper, I will use this. Now works perfectly the comment page.

    have a great day!

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