Help Me!! My secondary pages are not showing !!!

  • Anonymous


    Hi, I just did the atualization for the 1.4.1

    Now my website is completely diferent.

    The main problems I’m having here is:

    The pages are not showing properly. They appear and then disapear.

    And how to I take the Aqruives and Meta from the front page??

    I would like to have my widgets as I had before. only the ones that I chose for all pages.

    it’s driving me insane.



    here’s the website


    Syahir Hakim


    Wow..this is weird.. have you made changes using a child theme? Also, try deactivating all plugins for a while to see if any of the plugins are conflicting with the theme.



    Hey, I just turned off the FilckrBagdet and now it´s working.

    tanx. that´s weird.

    another question, how can I disable the arquives and meta infront page?

    thanx you

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