HELP – I broke my Secondary Menu – two many pages – any LIMIT?

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    Hi everyone! First of all great work for Graphene Developers!

    My website is using it! I will buy the mobile add-on because it looks just great and i want to participate in the project!

    I am now doing and on this one i have a problem

    I am trying to take the Secondary Menu to list all my pages (findyourway per country) per continent, it seems like i have listed to many pages and sub-pages in the secondary menu

    Because if i try to add more for ASIA and EUROPE, they auto-bug and become new menus. So i can not finish my listing for ASIA and EUROPE.

    Is there a limit of pages and sub-pages per Menu (especially the Secondary One) on Graphene? or is it WordPress limit?

    Help much appreciated!! Because now i am stuck i can not finish my Menu.. πŸ™

    I click add on “Automatically Add New Top Level Pages” what is it used for? did not solved the problem

    Cheers and All my Support!!




    You may want to delete your email in the post. (Unless you’re happy to receive tons of spam…)

    Instead, enable the option to receive follow-ups via email.

    I don’t have any direct answer to your question, but some general notes on large menues:

    Avoid exploding too many sub-options from one menu item. Every so often, I see pages where it’s almost impossible to make the right choices in a menu, because the menu spawns below the bottom of my window. And, when I try to scroll down, the menu disappears as soon as the element at the top scrolls outside the window…

    Have you tried alphabetically splitting in an intermediate step: A-F; G-L; M-P… etc?

    Oh, and don’t forget to offer a navigation page, in addition to the elaborate menu.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I must agree with TobiF. Too many options in a navigation menu make it almost worthless when it comes to navigating the site. If you have a lot of posts to organize, you may want to include a sitemap. Any of these plugins might do the trick.



    Syahir Hakim

    Because if i try to add more for ASIA and EUROPE, they auto-bug and become new menus. So i can not finish my listing for ASIA and EUROPE.

    As far as I know, there’s no limit to how many menu items you can have. It helps if we can actually see the website where this problem occurs though.



    Hi Guys thx for the answer, sorry i am a noob here.. how can i edit my first post to remove my email?

    The URL is: then you can check the secondary menu that EUROPE and ASIA i am stuck to add more pages (you will see that africa and north america have already tons of pages).

    Thx for the plugin I will also setup it, but i really would like to finish the listing still on this menu as i started with it.

    Actually i would have like to have a world map with possibility to put links on it, you don’t know any wordpress plugin to do that?



    Can’t help if the page is in maintenance mode…



    Seems to be some kind of timeout for editing your previous posts. πŸ™

    Hmm. For that, you’d probably need some kind of flash application. Search for flash select country on Google.

    But still, remember that not everyone allows that kind of active content. They may be blocking all kind of scripts, or may lack flash-support (e.g. iPhone).

    Therefore: prepare some navigation pages, as well.



    Syahir has already removed the email address from your previous post.


    Syahir Hakim

    how can i edit my first post to remove my email?

    You can’t edit the post after 1 hour of posting it, but I’ve removed the email for you πŸ™‚

    As for the menu, there seems to be a limit on the number of menu items you can put after all, though it’s related to server config rather than the theme. See this:

    And this:



    sorry the link is up again!

    thx a lot i will check for the limit i appreciate your support! very fast and efficient!

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