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    I upgraded to bbPess 2.1 and everything is broken–I can’t even access the site any more; I get

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘D:Hosting8351782htmlwhupwp-contentpluginsbbpress/bbp-includes/bbp-core-hooks.php’ (include_path=’.;C:php5pear’) in D:Hosting8351782htmlwhupwp-contentpluginsbbpressbbpress.php on line 431

    Can anyone help me?




    As mysteriously as the it appeared, the problem disappeared–all is OK again. I have no idea why.



    The issue solved automagically because your system heard the words, HELP! EMERGENCY!






    Kenneth John Odle


    Just a heads-up, all:

    Thread titles should describe the problem you are experiencing. If you can’t get a widget to align to the left, a good title is “Widget won’t align to the left.” If your images are showing up the wrong size, a good title is “Posted images are wrong size.” An even better title is “Posted images are too small” (or too large, whichever the case may be).

    The point is, if I see a thread titled “Widget won’t align to the left” and I know all about widgets, I know I can probably lend a hand and will at least take a look. If, on the other hand, I don’t know anything about widgets or alignment, I’ll leave that one to those who do know something about them. Everybody’s time is thus spent more efficiently.

    After all, this is a support forum. Everybody is here for help, and everybody considers their issue, in not an emergency, at least urgent.

    If you are new to the internet, keep in mind that typing in all-caps is considered the equivalent of shouting. It won’t make you any friends. Just think of all those public places you’ve been (the post office, a store, a restaurant, a theater) when someone started shouting and how you felt about the situation.

    I’m not trying to be rude or condescending, but if you are new to the internets (I’m not talking about Facebook here, either), then this is information you need to know.

    If nothing else, just remember this:





    I apologize for my panicked reaction–after spending a lot of time setting things up, to have it all disappear with a simple upgrade was terrifying. But you are of course right–it was very incosiderate.



    Kenneth John Odle

    I apologize for my panicked reaction

    No need to apologize. We all panic. One way to avoid this is to take a lot of notes about what you are doing, then you can work your way back through what you did to find the issue and undo it. I admit, I sometimes am not good at this, so I tend to take things more slowly. I’ll install a plugin and live with it for a few days before I install another one. Then I’m somewhat familiar with the plugin’s quirks and can figure out a way around them. (Or even figure out if the effort it takes to do that is worth the benefit the plugin provides.)

    to have it all disappear with a simple upgrade was terrifying

    It’s usually still there in the database. What usually happens is that something is preventing you from seeing it.

    A lot of times, you can Google those strange error messages. For example, when I use the Google on “Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required”, I get about 2.7 million hits. If that’s a bit much, or if you’re seeing a lot of results that aren’t about WordPress, you can just add “WordPress” to your search query: “wordpress Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required”. That narrowed down my search results to about 67,300 hits.

    You may not find anything useful in that (on the other hand, you often can; just try the google on “WordPress headers already sent”), but at least you have the comfort of knowing that 67,300 other people had this issue and quite a few of them probably got it resolved.

    -it was very incosiderate

    Not really. It was just inefficient. This was nothing personal, mind you; I’ve seen others do this before. This message was really directed at everybody.






    In this case, it was some strange problem–because it disappeared by itself without my doing anything at all. What triggered it was upgrading bbPress from 2.0.3 to 2.1–I guess it said it was finished updating before it actually was. Again, sorry for panicking.

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