help change colour please

  • bsacue


    I don’t know why this is like this but i have only just noticed it, how can i make these visible please when making a comment to a post

    thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Firebug to identify those elements and then changer their color to what you would like.

    element {color: #000000;}

    Replace element with the actual element (this looks like it is generated by a plugin, so I can’t provide any specifics) and change #000000 to the color you would prefer.



    installed firefox and firebug to see what your talking about since i have no idea what firebug is i managed to find out a little how to use it thanks to youtube found the rgba for it (didnt see anything saying element) but thats as far as i get, where does it tell you what file to change? its ok telling you which bit to change but unless you have knowledge knowing which file it is then its not so easy for people like me

    Anyone know which file i can find this in please?




    Try adding this to Custom CSS,

    #respond #comment-form-subscribe p {
    color: #FF0000 !important;



    Thanks Prasanna SP i tried this code cleared cache and refreshed site but still have the same issue?



    That was a blind shot. Difficult to give exact code without seeing that in your site.




    I have now change it from Dark option to Light option for comments and now its visable strange how this doesn’t work for dark option tho.

    thanks anyway pal

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