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    So I moved a banner ad to the container before widget area and it appeared. Great. But it’s not centered. Not great. I’m guessing this is a CSS fix but I’m not sure what code will center the ad. Any help?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Which ad on your site are you referring to? They all seemed centered to me.

    Moved to Support.


    Sorry the top banner ad. It’s hugging the left side of the page and I want it squarely in the middle. My bad.



    Add this CSS code to your child theme style.css or custom css in Graphene options:

    #text-11 {
    text-align: center;

    P.S. Remember that “text-11” is div ID of that widget. If you change the widget you’ll have to update the ID.


    Thanks! It worked!

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