HELP! Can sidebar1 stay put in one side while switching from 2columns and 3 columns templates?

  • Anthony Armando



    I´m having trouble with sidebars switching theyr position. My goal is to keep my main sidebar 1 in one side. Sidebar 2 is suppose to appear in the other side, while the content will stay in the middel.

    At the moment sidebar 1 will appear on right in 2 columns template but in 3 columns layout it will jump to the left side. I have tryed to float elements differently editing css but id dosent quite work. The content will appear in one side and the two sidebars together on other side.

    Anyone have ideas how to fix this?

    Appreciate hugely already beforehand!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I presume that you’re talking about pages here, not posts, right?

    If that is the case, then for three columns, just select “three columns, sidebars on the right”. That should keep both sidebars over on the right.


    Syahir Hakim


    There is indeed an inconsistency with the sidebar placement with the current version. In the upcoming version 1.6, sidebar1 will always stay on the right in three-column layouts.



    Thats just perfect, I will update then! I had it arranged exactly as descripted above – sidebar 1 on the right in 2 columns layout and then it jumped over to left when I switched to the 3 columns layout.

    Thanks for everything. Will be donating for this awesom work that u do!!!

    P.S. Anyhow I´v been not so clever, because I can just choose the 2 columns template with sidebar on the left, in 3 columns layout it is on the left anyhow (it just didnt work first beacuse I had edited the css). No jumping anymore – problem resolved!

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