Help adding a blog to my wp site

  • dbphoto1981


    Hi all, have a site here: How do I add a blog page to it? I can create posts but these appear on my home page, how do I make them specifically appear in a ‘blog’ titled page? Thanks



    You can add pages from Admin –> Pages –> Add New. I don’t quite understand the second part of your question. If you don’t want your new Posts (not pages) appears on your front page, you can create a static front page instead.

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks, I basically want a ‘Blog’ page on my site, when I add posts they appear on the front page, but I would like them to appear on my ‘blog’ page, how can I do this? Thanks.



    Hi there,

    Prasanna has a great tutorial regarding this on his blog. Is this what you are wanting?



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