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  • toastedone


    Hi, I am very new to wordpress, and have decided on going with the graphene theme, two questions I have are….

    1. is it possible to enlarge the width of the theme, i can see how to do this in the settings but the headear image stays the same same size.

    2., is there a way to change the font and size to the standard?

    please remember I am a complete novice.

    many thanks




    Ok I managed to sort out the width issue, I just made a new header to that size, I would like to enlarge the standard text size.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Text Style Option >> “Content Text” and enter a value in the box labeled “Text size”.

    You must include a unit with this number, such as “13px” or “1.1em”. There should be no space between the number and the unit.

    For more help, visit:

    You also might want to make your thread titles a bit more descriptive of the problem you are encountering. It makes it easier to help you.



    Thats a massive help, thank you. would you say 16px is to large for blog posts or is it down to individual taste?


    Syahir Hakim

    would you say 16px is to large for blog posts or is it down to individual taste?

    Depends on the font you’re using. If it’s arial, it’s probably too large for the theme’s design.



    Thanks, i have dropped it down to 14px for now



    Also the rss button on my page does not seem to work, am I ok to keep asking diffenrt questions in this thread or would you rather i started a new thread for each question as I am sure i will have lots.



    Syahir Hakim


    Feel free to open a new topic for unrelated questions. Also, make sure you explain how does it not work.



    Hi, thanks for the reply, and I will now make a new tread for unrelated questions, I should have posted earlier but the RSS issue seems to have sorted it’s self out now.


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