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    I’ve been given the job of creating a website for our club in Germany. I looked all around trying to find the best solution and decided on WordPress because it’s just so simple. We have absolutely NO experience with coding, although I di used to work in pre-press so I’m somewhat competent in the graphics area, though no artist.

    So, after installing WP, I tried out a whole pile of themes and I just think Graphene is wonderful! Thank you VERY much for creating this and supporting it so widely. Our club will be making a donation soon, too!

    I’ll be showing up in the forums asking questions that I’m sure are going to seem incredibly simple and silly for you great people (for example, how to just change the color of the menu bar).

    Till then,


    William Garabrant

    Qigong-Taiji Verein Weissenohe-Igensdorf

    You can view what we’ve got so far here:


    This is just a test site I’m using to get used to WP and Graphene…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Welcome aboard!

    The nice thing about Graphene is that it is so flexible (wait until 1.6!), it is in active development, and it is well supported.

    Your site looks good so far. I like the red color.

    for example, how to just change the color of the menu bar

    This has been discussed a lot recently. Search around in the forum and you will probably find exactly what you are looking for.

    This is just a test site I’m using to get used to WP and Graphene…

    This is a really good idea. It’s the best way to learn–try something and see what happens.



    Hello Kenneth – thank you for the welcome and the encouragement! The website color scheme is from our club flyer (thiniing about Corporate Identity and all that, lol). The header graphic is also directly from the flyer, I just re-sized it for the website.

    I have searched the topic of menu bar color but the discussions all go far beyond what I’m looking for. Everyone seems to already know how to just change the color and instead is ascking about more advanced things like hover states, etc… so, I’ll look around some more because I do have lot’s of forum experience and know how tiresome it gets seeing the same old Q’s constantly appearing!

    Thanks again 🙂


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