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    I love the theme and the way it showcases my blog, however I am having trouble with the header/slider. When I converted the blog over, any of the older posts are not affected, but just the post created with the new theme. When I select a feature photo for the slider it also changes my header for that page. My header remains correct on the homepage though. Any thoughts on how I can stop this. Thank you.


    Syahir Hakim


    The featured image will only replace the header if it has a size greater than or equal to 900 x 198 pixels. If you don’t want the featured image to be displayed on the slider, just make sure the image dimension is less than that size.



    I believe I’m having the same issue. When I give a post a feature image, I only want it to appear in the slider, and not replace the page header. Is this possible?


    Syahir Hakim


    The slider image is only 150 x 150 px. There’s no reason to upload images bigger than that for the slider image. Just resize your image to be less than 900 x 198 px and the featured image won’t replace the header.



    This still does not see to work. I changed the size to the thumbnail and it still replaces the header. Help?


    Syahir Hakim


    You would need to change the physical dimension of the image, and not just modifying the HTML size attributes. This would involve using some sort of photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop to resize the image, and then uploading it again.

    The next version of the theme will include an option to choose other images apart from the Featured Image to be used as the slider image.



    Of couse, sorry about that…everything is working beautiful! Thank you.



    I Added 4 new header images 960×198 and deleted the originals. I placed them in wp-content>themes>graphene>images>header

    And.. I still have the old images. I looked around but did not find the file where they originated.

    How can I fix this.




    Hi mexikomann

    Just upload Your Main Header here & save:


    Then On Your Other Pages You Can Upload Featured Image (960x198px)

    When You Edit The Page in Admin:





    OK, if I understand correctly, I cannot replace your images with my own. (could I name mine the same as your files and have them work for random display?)

    I removed all of your original images for the Header File. I uploaded my own and it does not work. Still a Black Header. Should I restore your files to the Header File?


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