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    Hi, thanks for the amazing theme. I created a child theme and it all looks ok apart from the header, which has been replaced with the default image. Do I just upload the header again via WP backend, or change it in the child theme? Sorry if this is a dumb question




    WordPress treats your child theme as a new theme. So, you’ve to upload your header image once again.



    Prasanna, thank you for your reply. Could I also ask, does the Custom CSS styles in Graphene Options, act the same as the child theme?



    It simi-does

    The purpose of a child theme is to do nondestructive editing, and the Custom CSS is nondestructive. How it is not a child theme


    Syahir Hakim


    See here for one of the differences between a child theme and the Custom CSS feature:


    On top of that, there is far more customisations you can do with a child theme, and not just CSS customisations.



    Hi again, on the subject of the child theme if I wanted to add some stuff just below the body, which file would I need to create and change? So sorry I am clueless at this stuff.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Don’t edit theme files. Just use an action hook widget area instead:


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