• dr_deb


    Is there any way by which we can put a name logo of the website in the header top bar .

    We can place the logo in between the social share icons & the search box.

    Can it be done ?



    Use Action Hooks Widget.

    Try graphene_social_profiles action hook. You can then use Custom CSS to align it centre between social icons and search box.



    Thnx for reply …

    Can you write the custom CSS that can be used



    I activated ” graphene_social_profiles ” and used the text widget to insert the html code for the but it doesn’t appear at all.

    Is it a restriction withe the size of the logo …

    Any way to make it work …



    Instead of using the widget I used the social custom button and placed the link of the logo with a height of 33x & it worked .

    Thnx for your help.

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