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  • dnourie



    Since this last upgrade the color of our header title is not appearing correctly. In Graphene options I have the Header on white, and it is on the home page. But if you go to any of the other pages, it’s black.

    I turned off linking title and just link the graphic but it’s still making the header title black on all pages except the home page. I tried adding color white to the Custom CSS, but still it remains black.

    Why is this happening? We want white on ALL pages. Thank you!





    Try replacing the file includes/theme-head.php with the updated file here:




    Thank you! That fixed it!!!! Dana



    header is split into 2 since last upgrade – title of site missing, header is half image & half background color. I saw your suggestion to Dana – if that is the same answere , where abouts would I need to add anything i.e in my cPanel, on my site – if so where exactly? Really appreciate help as site has been down due to being hacked , so I don’t want any other flaws to last for long. Any chance of fixing the upgrade so this isn’t happening. Many thanks A.K. – http://www.akandrew.com


    Kenneth John Odle



    Your site looks fine. Press ctrl + f5 to clear your browser cache.



    Thanks Kenneth. I don’t know if its a problem with Chrome. But it’s fine on Safari. I really appreciate the response.

    Best A.K.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try emptying Chrome’s browser cache by hand:

    Settings >> History

    then click on “Clear all browsing data”



    Yes. It works fine after clearing cache. Only did it a week ok. Never needed to do it very often in Safari. Maybe it’s a Chrome thing. Will try that again in future for any problems. Again many thanks for suggestions . A.K.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Some browsers hang on to their cached items longer than others. It also depends on the settings you have chosen.



    Thanks Kenneth. That’s good to know:-)

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