Header Title and Description not right in Chrome and IE

  • dnourie



    My title and header description are positioned correctly in FireFox using:

    .header_title {

    left: 200px !important;

    top: 80px !important;

    color: #ffffff !important;


    .header_desc {

    left: 200px !important;

    top: 80px !important;


    But in IE and Chrome it is overlapping the menus. How can I correct this?

    Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    It looks fine in FF, Chrome, and IE. Did you get this resolved?

    If not, it could be a browser caching issue. Different browsers may retain caches longer than others.

    Awesome site, BTW!



    Ah, you’re right. It was my cache! Thank you!!!!

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