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    I have changed the dimensions of the site to 1150 width. I have a new header exactly 1150 x 284 added but it still gets cut off at my old site dimensions. I have made these changes under Graphene Options, Display – Column Width -1150. I also changed the height under Header Display options to 284.

    Can’t figure out why the image does not display all the way to 1150.

    Can you take a look and see what I am doing wrong.


    I’ve attached the header image I’m uploading.cropped-Miles-Momma.-1150-x-284-1-14-13-.jpg


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have the width set to 978px, most likely in your image gallery.

    If that’s not it, try disabling plugins. You have a LOT of plugins going on there.



    I don’t know where to find where the width is set to 978px. Not sure where you are suggesting I make a setting change.


    Kenneth John Odle


    In the Media Gallery.



    I’ve looked where you are talk about in Media Gallery under the header image. No where in the image does it specific 978px.

    Any other ideas, where this specification is coming from and how to get it removed?



    I’ve just removed the header and you can actually see a white line coming down where the 978px must be. It’s very odd. It says in the options, “After selecting an image you will be able to crop it.

    Images of exactly 1150 × 284 pixels will be used as-is.”. So it should be displaying 1150×284 exactly. The size of my image. I can not figure this out and it’s really a problem.

    Please help!

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