Header Resize – Functions File Updated, Gap still exists below header

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    I have changed the header size in my child functions.php and style.css files to reflect 960 x 150 per the posts on this forum. I uploaded a header that is 960 x 150. Yet there is still a gap between my header and menu bar. I’ve searched this forum to find a way to resolve this but could not find a solution. It is probably something very simple but I just cannot seem to figure it out. http://obxteaparty.com



    Today I resized the header in 1.7.2. without changing any code:

    I went to ‘graphene options’, ‘display’ tab, opened up ‘header display options’ and then put the new pixel count in the ‘Header image height’ box. It worked : )



    Thanks, I figured that out right after posting the question. There must have been a theme update. Thanks.

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