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  • raulgc


    I have a problem with the option to upload the image in my header, because I dont know why…when I select header to add my file…the theme charge 60×198…I think that the options of theme is incorrect but I don’t find the file to change this funtion…

    Can you help me please??




    Did you put any custom function in child theme’s functions.php file which modifies header image dimension?



    No, I didn’t put any function…I don’t know what’s happening…Can you tell me where find the file and line to change the function of size of the header?



    Kenneth John Odle


    If you upgrade to the latest version of Graphene, this is a built-in theme function.



    I have a last version of Graphene, and I have this problem in the panel to change the image of header…when I am in this option the default size is 60x198px and I can’t change it…I don’t know how I can.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Go to Graphene Options >> Display Options

    Under “Header Display Options” check what you have entered for “Header image height”.

    Under “Column Width Options” check what you have entered for “Container width”

    Have you made any changes to the theme’s files?

    Have you entered anything in the theme’s custom CSS feature?

    Are you using a child theme?



    I’ve comprove this things that you tell me, but all is correct…and I didn’t change anyfile. Before I had the oder version, when I’ve put the new version is when I have had this problem in the panel to change the image of header.



    Link to your site? Do you have a child-theme?



    I don’t have a child-theme, but the option in the header panel is 60x198px of default. If you say where I can find the option to change it in the files, I will do this change. Because I don’t find the file that appear this functions.



    If you haven’t edited theme core files, try reinstalling the theme (replace files via FTP.)

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