Header not responsive without image.

  • Anonymous


    If i use an image in the header, like the Franz Josef logo shown at the theme’s homepage, re-sizing the browser window (making it smaller) automatically changes the image size and the menu (into the mobile version).

    Without the image, when the website title is shown, everything stays the same until i refresh. After the refresh the text goes to the left and the mobile menu appears.

    Anything i can do so that both behave the same?


    Syahir Hakim


    Realistically most people would not be resizing their browser window so much until it becomes the size of a mobile device. Even if they do, they will probably do this only once and not on every page load, so your site will appear correct when they load another page of your site.

    We can implement text resizing that follows the size of the browser, but it is a bit messy and I do not think it’s necessary.



    Makes sense, thank you.

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