Header Moves, Title Color Changes in 1.7.1

  • jrothra


    A couple of things are happening since updating to 1.7.1, the first less common, the second seems consistent:

    URL: http://www.jrothraministries.com

    1. Header image floats far left

    Sometimes when I go to the site, the header image sits at the far left side with no title information displayed. When I click refresh, it fixes it. But I’m thinking the problem shouldn’t occur at all, and never did with 1.7 and before.

    Trying to test it is iffy, as it’s not a consistent problem. However…

    2. Title text changes to black on sub-pages/posts

    On the front page, the title is white. On sub-pages and posts it’s black. What is causing this? I didn’t specify, to my knowledge, a distinction between front vs. all other pages/posts regarding the title color.



    The same problem is happening at Sweepingtheusa.org regarding sub-page header text changing to black.

    Another problem that showed up after the update is the Stumbleupon button at the top now has html encoding showing up plus what appears to be a broken link or image.



    I did some reading around the forums and it seems the consensus is to clear the browser cache, even restarting the browser. I cleared the cache via CTRL+F5, going to options and clearing it, restarted the browser, and even the entire computer.

    The first problem seems to have vanished completely, since I have not seen it occur again. The second problem (black title) remains. I cleared everything and the problem persists. I’m not sure what to do except force it to be white using the custom CSS, which seems odd.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It may be a local setting on your computer, because I had this issue and it is not corrected (see this page for an example: http://blog.kjodle.net/2011/08/31/adding-a-short-code-to-a-child-theme/ )

    First, make sure that you clear your server cache, if you are using a caching plugin.

    Then, go into your browser’s “Options” and clear the cache from there. (In Firefox, it’s under the “Privacy” tab.)



    Clearing the cache does nothing for me. I have made the attempt using Chrome and Firefox with no success. And the Stumbleupon button issue still lies there-in.



    @Kenneth — As mentioned in my previous post, I tried clearing the cache on the browser. I tried the same for the server, but it didn’t fix it. It’s not a cache problem.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Check the settings you entered for the StumbleUpon button. You have a null link to an image in there:

    <img target="_blank" photobucket.com"="" http:="" src="<a href=">


    Syahir Hakim


    Try replacing the file includes/theme-head.php with the updated file here:




    @Syahir – that did the trick! Perfecto!



    Google Chrome Issue


    I have just updated my theme. Works well on IE. Broken on GC.

    I have replaced theme-head.php with the file up there. http://graphene.googlecode.com/svn/branches/1.7/includes/theme-head.php

    I am a beginner, would need explanation step by step if you don’t mind.

    Thanks 😉


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