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  • RosalieSenter



    I am trying to do a custom change to “#header-menu > li > a {

    It is my home page tab and I changed the color from black to blue. Well the color has been changed to blue but when I click on it or put my mouse on the word “home” the color changes to black. I am trying to keep it to blue always. I read up on some of the forum and did a custom CSS as follows:

    #header-menu, #header-menu-wrap {background #dee7ef !important; // HEX color code or image URL –> url (“img URL”) ; }

    The above did not work so since I am new to this I wonder if I am using the incorrect position for the change? When I use firebug the information show the location of “#header-menu > li > a {

    Thank you very much.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Upgrade to version 1.8 and there is an option to change the menu colors. No CSS necessary.

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