Header Menu item bigger than others on home page only

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    I have an issue where the first Header Menu item bigger than others on home page only. its spacing is double the size of the others. When I go to another page the menu item returns to normal.

    Can anyone help?

    it the Irish Coast button here: http://spacecat.ca/johnson/


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have somehow managed to insert this code:

    <a href="mailto:address@redacted.net"></a>

    into your menu on the home page. That is what is causing the extra height issue. Are you editing theme files?



    Hi Kenneth, thanks for finding that. i am uncertain how it got there.

    Where would I find that specific theme file, I searched but it is now showing up. 🙂






    FOUND IT! I did not close the anchor tag in my graphene top bar widget!! Thanks for the tips.


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