Header looks correct in Firefox but not in Chrome, Edge, Tablet, Handy, etc.

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    I am German and please excuse me, my English is very bad, but I try to explain my Problem.

    I use the Graphene-Theme for my Homepage http://www.kbgw.de.

    In Firefox everything looks fine but in Chrome, Edge, etc. the Slider in the Header is postponed a little bit down.

    Look here:

    Website in Firefox

    Website in Chrome

    Has anyone an Idea how I can fix this Problem? Please help me. I am searching now for days.

    Kind regards




    I have found a Solution.

    Under Customizer – Additional CSS I have set

    #header > img {
    display: none;

    Now it works. The Slider in the Header is now displayed correctly in Chrome, Edge, etc.

    My Question is: Was this the correct way or is there a better Solution?

    Kind regards


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