Header in post different from thumbnails how?

  • Casper0219


    my qustion is all in the headline i want to have anther header for evry post, and the header and thumbnail shouldent be the same, and i cant upload the picture to the post for the header.

    please help



    Moved to support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    Enable “Featured image replacing header” in graphene settings and upload different header images as featured image while publishing posts.



    Sorry for the wrong placement of the post, i am not sure what u mean about upload? and where do i upload it, i want a picture for evry post but i need to choose the picture myself?


    I need a thumbnail

    and a header picture different from the thumbnail, but i still have to choose the header picture myself, for evry single post?

    But thank u so far


    Kenneth John Odle


    i cant upload the picture to the post for the header

    Prasanna’s solution will give you a random header image for every post.

    If you want a particular image always associated with a particular post, you can probably control this using custom css. How much css do you know?

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