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    After I update the Graphene theme the Header image no longer shows up on the Home page. It shows on the other pages, just not on the opening Home page. Please advise. My website is http://eylauumc.org


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am unable to replicate the issue on any of my sites.

    Try the following:

    1) Disabling plugins to rule out a plugin issue.

    2) Disabling a child theme to rule out a child theme issue.

    Be sure to flush both browser and server caches after each step.



    Hi pjbehrens,

    I have the same issue with you.. I used wp 3.9.1 then I downgraded my WP version to 3.3.1 , the problem is fixed.. I don’t know what seems to be the problem.. but downgrading helped me..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Just as a friendly reminder, “downgrading” to an earlier version of WordPress, especially such an early version as 3.3, leaves you vulnerable to security issues. Take precautions.



    Hello pjbehrens,

    My site http://www.gynuine.org was having the same problem. I’m nowhere near knowledgeable enough to know how or why this worked, but it did… hope it helps you.

    Before installing the update, the header image appeared on every page. At that time, our “Blog” page had no text on it, only the widgets (the site is under construction, so we don’t have any posts yet). I’d typed a few words of filler text when I created the page, but when I went into “Customize Graphene Child –> Static Front Page”, and set the “Posts page” selection to “Blog”, the filler text disappeared and the widgets moved all the way to the left, filling the blank space.

    After installing the update, the header image didn’t appear on the “Blog” page, although it was fine everywhere else. Two different things made it work: 1) I created and posted a blog entry (just to test… it’s now deleted); the image showed up perfectly, but once I deleted the post the image disappeared, too; and 2) I went back into “Customize Graphene Child –> Static Front Page”, and set the “Posts page” selection back to simply “–Select–“. My original filler text now appears, as does the header image.

    Again, I don’t know whether or not any of this helps you (or others), but figured I’d toss it into the conversation, just in case.

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