Header Image wants to crop to a different size

  • ErikH


    Hi there, I love this theme and all of its functionality.

    However, I am having a problem with the size of the header image.

    I have made an image that is exactly 960 x 198 pixels. When I upload through the admin, it tries to crop it to about 622 pixels wide (see http://aapcbugs.com/images/graphenethemeheaderproblem.jpg for a screenshot of what it is doing).

    What can I do to correct this?


    Syahir Hakim


    The header image you’re trying to upload is not 198 pixels high. WordPress keeps the ratio of the header image, hence it’s asking you to crop the image.



    Well, it Was indeed 198 high according to photoshop. I have since overwrote the image in the uploads folder and it seems to do what I need it to do, but the original problem still persists. I don’t know if this is a Graphene issue or a WP issue. I do hope it gets resolved.



    Perhaps the original image you are trying to upload is wider than the allowed 960px (use photoshop to double-check this)… which is why it’s asking you to crop the far right side??



    Thanks Josh. However when I was working with this, the image was exactly 960 X 199 in Photoshop save for web. The client keeps changing their mind on the look of the header image and I have found a suitable workaround for this situation. I do hope that it is resolved.

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