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  • daviddoria


    I changed the “Header image height” to “100 px” in “Display -> Header display options”. Now when I go to “Appearance -> Header” to upload a header image, it says “Images of exactly 60 × 100 pixels will be used as-is”, and any image I upload seems to be cropped to that aspect ratio. For example, this image:


    appears as:


    Any idea why this would be the case?





    If you have a child theme, check for any header image resize function in functions.php file

    Temporarily deactivate all plugins and try again.



    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I am not using a child theme, and I have no active plugins.

    Additionally, in my “Graphene Options -> Display -> Custom CSS”, there is nothing.

    Any other ideas?




    When you upload an image to be used as header, there will be two options

    • Crop and Publish
    • Skip Cropping, Publish As Is

    upload again and choose Skip Cropping, Publish As Is



    ronangelo: Hm, I don’t see those options? When I go to “Appearance -> Header” and click “Choose file”, it just uses a native system file selection dialog box to select the file, and then the only button I see is “Upload”?



    Try resetting the Graphene settings in Graphene Options



    after you press upload there will be an option.



    In the right panel of “Graphene Options -> Display”, I did “Apply Options Presets (normal website)” and then it was back to the normal 900ish width. Who knows what happened… but thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    There’s a bug in the current version of the theme where you have to save the theme’s options twice when changing the header image height or the theme’s container width before those changes are reflected on the WordPress Custom Header feature.

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