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    So I can’t figure out how to fix this. You’ll notice when you go to my website (http://www.nexusenergycenter.org) that the header image is fuzzy. I have some really high quality images that I would rather use but I cannot get them to scale right and fit within the dimension limits. Any suggestions?


    Kenneth John Odle


    cannot get them to scale right and fit within the dimension limits

    Well, they have to be some multiple of 960×198. What size is your starting image? It’s generally better to start with a larger image and scale down.

    Are you using Photoshop or GIMP?



    Sorry for the late response.

    I have been using GIMP but it still comes out distorted either in GIMP or in WP.

    I have 2 images that I can use. One is 6628×2156 and the other is 754×250.

    Any thoughts?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s all a question of proportions.

    If you divide 960 by 198, you get 4.84. So you need to start with an image that is 4.84 times wider than it is high.

    6629/2156 = 3.07

    754/250 = 3.02

    So both of those images are too tall (compared to their width) to just scale. You will need to crop the image to something that will directly scale:

    In GIMP, select the crop tool.

    In the cropping tool options, tick the box marked “Fixed” and select “Aspect Ratio” from the pop-up menu to the right.

    In the box immediately below that, type: “960:198”

    Now when you use the cropping tool, it will automatically select something that is proportional to 960×198. After cropping, you will then need to scale (up or down) to exactly 960×198 pixels. (But if you scale up, you will see some distortion in the final image.)



    Thanks got it! Awesome help man!


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