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  • Hendryk


    Hi there,

    I wanted to briefly ask if there is any existing photoshop template for the header image? (Sorry, if this might be a duplicate thread – I didn’t find anything useful in the forums yet. Maybe this is also rather a “support topic”? Just move it to that forum, if needed.)

    So far I just created a template for myself, reflecting the general size of the header images, placement of my own “logo” within that picture, etc.

    What I can’t yet really predict in this template I just created is the size and exact position of the site-title and description, although I analyzed the output on my own website via the firefox firebug-plugin. (Since the recent update of Graphene to v.1.6 this also seems to have changed slightly.) What I now created in Photoshop looks “similar” but not yet close enough to really create really nice header images that fit to the theme.

    I don’t know if you use Photoshop yourself and if you can give me any assistance, I just ask. I will try to make a better template – and if there is any interest in it, also provide it here as a free download. 🙂

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