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    I checked “Link header image to front page” and now my header image is clickable link to homepage.

    But it’s not working if I am on homepage. It’s only working if I am in different part of site than homepage.

    Is it bug or it’s a feature of theme?

    I know that you can do it through “Advanced Graphene Options” but can you make it by default or by checkbox?

    I worry that it can break something if I do it through “Advanced Graphene Options” or there will be problem after some update…

    Thanks for answer.



    It’s the normal feature of the theme.

    I don’t understand your second question. If you check the box, your header will link to the homepage.



    My problem is that if I check the box my header will not link to the homepage if I am on the homepage.

    If I am on the homepage I sometimes use the logo of the site to refresh (instead of F5)

    For example:

    Homepage – http://www.foxtrot.g6.cz/ – logo as link is not working

    Not homepage – http://www.foxtrot.g6.cz/?page_id=2 – logo as link is working

    And I want that even on the homepage it would work as a link.


    Kenneth John Odle

    my header will not link to the homepage if I am on the homepage.

    That is the default behaviour. It will not link to the homepage when you are on the homepage, because you are already on the homepage. Clicking on a link to take you to the page you are already on will merely cause the page to refresh.

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