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    Hello –

    I very much like the Graphene Theme. Thank you for creating it.

    My problem is I am unable to upload a new header image. Each time I try one, I get a message that says : Image could not be processed. Please go back and try again.

    Sometimes I am able to get to the screen that allows me to crop the image, but most of the time i just get that error message when I hit “Upload”. Any thoughts?

    (FYI – I am using Photoshop to create the header, saved it in a 960 x 190 size as suggested, and even tried to upload as a .jpg AND .png – but still did not work.)

    My URL is secanta.com/9980 (not sure if you can access it though as I think we have it on restricted access. If you need to see it- let me know and I will try to have my IT guy fix that.)





    One other thing. I can choose one of the existing header images just fine. But it will not allow me to upload a custom one.




    In Photoshop, try to save Your .jpg file for Web in 960x198px.

    In WordPress, Check twice that WordPress have saved Your new Header.

    Then lets know 🙂




    I can’t get it to save. When I hit upload, I get the error message. My IT guy says he can actually see the image under the wp-content>uploads>201108 but it will not upload. He has given me full permissions so I can upload the image, but it still will not work.



    PS – I did save as .jpg in the right size – but that is not the issue.



    After some trials – we realized it was an issue with the image itself. We have corrected it.


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