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    I was struggling a bit with this and there weren’t really any clear instructions so I’ll give it a shot and hopefully I can help someone out in future.

    First you need an image that has a size of 960 x 198px. Make sure it is the exact same size.

    Log into your Cpanel/filemanager or whatever you use and go to your wp-content folder

    Under the themes folder you will find the graphene theme folder.

    Click on the graphene themes folder > images > headers

    Now upload your file to this folder. Name it “newhdr” (for now)

    Once that is done remove the fireworks img in the same folder and rename your “newhdr” img to “fireworks”.

    Now you want to set it in your admin dashboard to point to that image.

    Go to http://yoursitenamehere/wp-admin > dashboard > appearance > header > Select the 3rd thumbnail (the one that looks like fireworks on the left hand column) and then you can toggle if you want to display text or not. I turned mine off.

    Scroll to the bottom and select “Save Changes”.

    View your site again, if your using another window/broswer then just hit refresh and voila! It’s done.

    Hope you come right. Let me know if you have any questions.



    Why do all these circus while you can just upload the new header image within Header options in Appearance?



    It didn’t work. I was searching for an answer myself after the upload failed, it kept giving me blank images and didn’t show at all.

    I saw other people struggling with this so this just an alternative. Just trying to help. Sorry for all my “circus”.



    If it fails to upload image means you have problems with your host. It is probably not allowing WordPress to write files to the directory. Check File and Folder Permissions. Try 755



    Thanks Prasanna. That’s the answer I was looking for 🙂 I took the long route, will try the file and folder permissions then upload again.


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