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    When using graphene mobile, how can I display a header image at the top of each page?



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi lakenjr,

    Unfortunately there is no support for custom header image in Graphene Mobile yet. This is mostly due to the variety of dimensions of different devices and orientation, that implementing such a feature is not a straightforward process.

    For the time being, if you’re handy with coding, you can probably implement a temporary workaround for the feature yourself using pseudo-child theme for Graphene Mobile.



    Just to recap…..

    In Graphene mobile, I want to suppress the header (the block which contains site title Jetlag and Mayhem and tag line Tips on travelling…..). Instead I want to display a .jpg image. In view of the problem because different phones/browsers need different images sizes, I will make-do with a single image which will (sort of) fit all .

    I can see the relevant code in themes/graphene-mobile/header.php

    A simple way to deal with this would be to modify header.php – insert an additional tag and delete the lines which generate the header.

    Is there a better way, using the child theme facility? as I am reluctant to modify header.php


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