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    I’m trying to have only bakground image on my website and no image on the header. That’s work ok but it’s kind of a separator (ligne or diff color) between hedear,left and right side on both margines, any way to make such transparent so that I can get this out?

    Thank you in advance





    Do you have a url where we can see what you are working with?




    Thanks for the replay, I’m still working with that and I have not published that yet.

    But what I need actually is the possibility to have no border at all round the header, in other word the header part where we can use header image should be transparent so that the baground image should be diplayed as one part and not as 3 part left, right and top(the header part).

    Thank you in advance.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Create a transparent image in Photoshop or GIMP the size of your header, save it as a .png, and upload it via the media gallery.

    Then, use some custom css to define that image as the background for the header, making sure to add !important

    I haven’t tested it, but this is the only way I can think of making this transparent. (Header images are .jpg by default, and .jpg doesn’t support transparent images.) YMMV

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