Header border showing up in Chrome, but not in IE or FF

  • Dree



    I’ve been working on a site and decided to remove the header image via the graphene options and use the header widget instead, as eventually I plan to use a flash header on top of the menu graphics.

    The problem I’m facing is when I remove the header image, I get a 1px #bbb border around the header, but only in Chrome. IE and FF look perfect.

    Upon searching these forums I’ve found I’m able to hide this border if I add this to my custom CSS:

    .header-img {
    display: none;

    However, the problem is this border is creating a 1px misalignment on the button graphics (if you look at the Home and Apply buttons and compare them to FF or IE, you can see they’re not perfectly aligned)

    So I’m curious if there’s any way to correct this at all. My site is http://www.dawnwardens.com/

    Edit – I probably should’ve posted this in Support and not General >.< Apologies for this.





    Still dealing with this issue while trying to fix it for the past week. If anyone has any advice about this at all, it’d be tremendously appreciated!


    Kenneth John Odle


    If I apply the code that you mentioned in your original post, I don’t see this issue in Chrome.

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