Having trouble with Static Front Page and getting two Home pages

  • Judy W


    I want my site to be a website, not a blog. I set up a static front page and initialized everything I could find for blogs to 0. Under Settings>Reading, when I enable Show Latest Posts, I get two Home pages; one of them contains only a rectangular box on it. On the same Settings>Reading page, when I set the static page to Home, I get only one Home page (the one I published with data on it), but that same rectangular box is showing at the top of the page. I keep reading the WP documentation, but the only reference I can find about ending up with two Home pages still confuses me.

    So: do I need a static front page to have a website (CMS)?

    How do I get rid of that darned rectangle?



    Judy W


    Never mind. I finally realized the infamous rectangle was a slider, which disappeared when I disabled sliders. Still don’t understand the two home pages, but I’m using the setup in which I only have one, so I guess I’ll just continue developing.

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