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  • rebeccakohan


    I just inserted a PayPal button into my site but am having problem with it’s appearance (apparently it isn’t transferring the codes accordingly so it doesn’t look as it is suppose to) – see following pic:


    Your prompt help is greatly appreciated as I want to make this site live by tomorrow.

    Thank you so much,




    Link to that site?



    http://www.ezgopants.com/newsite/ however, it’s currently under construction and is not visible to the public. I’m waiting to fix the PayPal issue before I make it public.

    How else can I show it to you?


    Syahir Hakim


    Just make it public but disable search engine indexing. There’s not much we can do to help otherwise.



    It’s now public. The three pages that I have used PayPal buttons are:




    Thank you for helping me with this.



    Above links are not working. It returns Error 404 – Page Not Found



    That’s weird. I can get into them when I’m logged in as admin but once I log-out, the same thing happens (I get the Error 404 message). The other thing is I can get into all the other pages, except for these three and the Terms of Use. Mmm??? Don’t know what to do.



    How did you go about inserting the paypal code for the button? Is it a plugin?



    Hi Josh. Yes, I used a plugin called “WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart” which I’m hoping will run smoothly.



    Okay… well, your image above is broken… so it’s difficult to see what’s happening. And I’m unfamiliar with that plugin… so I can’t be much help there.

    Ummm… what do you suggest? I’m guessing maybe there are options in that plugin that may not be configured properly?

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