Haveing too many posts on my home page making my page too slow

  • eyadbatshon


    how can i manage the number of posts on my home page, or at least changing them from appearing as a complete post to just the main images in the post on the main page, because frankly its affecting the load time of my main page.

    please help


    Kenneth John Odle


    To control the number of posts, go to:

    Settings >> Reading Settings

    and adjust the number in the box marked “Blog pages show at most”

    You can also go to

    Graphene Settings >> Display Settings >> Excerpts Display Options

    and tick the box marked “Show excerpts in front page” which will cause your front page to display excerpts instead of full posts. This is especially useful if your posts have lots of photos.



    the thank you very much very helpful but i don’t want to show text or the tags, just full width images with the title, can i do that.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Maybe, but you would need to use a child theme and then create a new template for the front page. This would require some coding knowledge.

    Also, the use of full images on the front page will also slow down your loading time.



    thanks again very helpful, i think i am going to keep it as is, below zero coding knowledge :). cheers.

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