Have an extra space at the right of page

  • ice48623


    I have installed Graphene 1.6 and set 1400px for width of the page.

    Here is my site: http:d-jing.com

    your have to scroll to the right and you will see an extra space right there



    Kenneth John Odle


    If you have to scroll, then your site width is too wide.



    I have been try to set page width in a smaller size but it still have an extra space at the right

    I’m very confused right now.

    Wanted your suggestion




    Did you change container/layout width using custom CSS?



    No, I don’t but I will look at the Custom CSS again


    Kenneth John Odle


    it still have an extra space at the right

    And you want that extra space, because it really isn’t “extra”. The point behind effective website design is that pages are easily readable. A site that is too wide (if it’s set to width:100% in CSS, for example) will show up too wide on wide monitors and be almost impossible to read. That is a disincentive for people to read your blog, or to come back to it.

    The compromise is to have a middle “container” that is the appropriate width for easy reading, generally between 900 and 1200 px, depending on the number and width of sidebars.

    You can set a width so that it appears on your monitor to not have any extra space on either side, but that will only be so on monitors that are the same size as yours. On smaller monitors, readers will have to scroll back and forth, and on larger monitors there will be space on either side; the larger the monitor, the larger the space.

    The point is not that you are “wasting” screen space, the point is to make your website readable.



    I have a several thing, and I have found that it is a problem with a child theme. I have deleted that child theme and created a

    new one and activated, but still nothing change still have an extra space. If I use a default Graphene Theme with out using

    a child theme it have no problem about an extra space at the right. I will continued find a way to fix this.




    Now I knew that it is a problem of facebook widget. Now my site is normal.

    Thanks for reply and support!

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