Have a problem to display a full image on the slider

  • ice48623


    I want to display an image on a slider ( image that I created ) without any description

    on it. I have selected a custom URL and I put my image URL to it, but it not show.

    Can anyone tell me how to put an image to the slider please.

    Best regard




    You should select “show specific posts/pages” from the slider menu in the graphene options. Next select “custom url” in the “slider image”. Lastly, select “background image excerpt” from “slider display style”. You should enter the page id for the page/post which you have assigned the image.

    You can do multiple posts/pages but using a comma separater. (120,315,etc.)



    Where is the post/page ID. I can’t find it.



    Go to the page or post menu. Hover over a page or post title, but don’t click on it. Look toward the bottom left of your browser as you hover and you will see a link. Inside that link is something like post=339. This is the ID.

    Alternatively, you can install this plugin which will add a column displaying the ID’s in your admin panel.




    I followed the step that you gaving me, but I want a slider to show as a “background image” ( no excerpt and title ) and the post should not display on the homepage. Did you have a way to help me with this problem? I very love this theme, it’s wonderful.

    Best Regard.



    Yes i have the same problem,

    do not want the view full page button and any description. please help



    I have solve this problem.

    here is a code

    .full-sized .slider-entry-wrap {

    display: none;


    Thanks Josh.

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