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    Hello and thank you for Graphene!

    My question is about the following <h2> tag that is generated by the theme:

    <h2 class=”header_title mobile-only”>

    This tag appears on every page, and there is no <h1> tag before. That means, the structure of each of our page is:

    <h2>Hier the Site Title (appeares on mobile deviced only)</h2>
    <h1>Hier is the Page Title

    It doesn’t matter that the browser on a PC ignores it. Search engines see it and consider the title structure to be wrong. Since there is <h2> title, they consider there <h1> tag precedes it, but it is missed.

    As a result, there are two <h1> titles on a page. There should be only one <h1> title. This can impact search engine rating dramatically.

    We spent several months to transfer the site to this theme and we find it look great, really great. But when we were ready and switched to the new design, our traffic began to get worse every day…

    Is there any possibility to get rid of this <h2 class=”header_title mobile-only”> tag?

    Thank you,
    Natalia Blomeier


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Natalia,

    There is no way to remove the h2 tag for mobile devices only, short of removing it from the theme’s code. This shouldn’t be a concern though, since the order of h-tags does not matter from SEO point of view.

    If you find that the traffic gets lower after switching to the theme, here are some of the things to consider:

    • Which source(s) of traffic is declining? This could provide a clue to the reason for the traffic drop.
    • Does your URL structure changes after the switch?
    • Consider optimizing the site’s performance by combining and minifying scripts, and implementing page caching



    Thank you for your answer, that’s a good news!

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