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    My post fits about three of your forum topics; So I’ll start by saying thanks and well done for a cracking theme.

    I am using the theme to renovate our Air Cadets website with. It’s all going quite well and the customization I want is taking shape nicely.

    I am stuck on one thing though which is foxing me. I can not seem to locate the font color for the header h1 h2 text. I have been through the css over and over and had a few stabs at it but nothing I do appears to work. I have seen there is a custom section in the display option for all manner of things including the header. But (here is another one of your forum subject topics!) I can see no option for font color. I would like to change it from black to a navy blue. How do I do this please – where do I look?

    You can see the theme on site so far at http://www.1187sqn-atc.org.uk/

    And as another suggestion I also would like to float a small logo to the left of the header text. Any suggestions on that please? Maybe this could be considered for a future update.

    Kind regards and many thanks again.


    Anurag Bhagat


    For changing the header text color, go to:

    Appearance >> Header

    You would find text colour at the bottom of the page. Please check that.

    Hope this helps.




    Does anybody know the child theme code for removing the Header text completely?




    Syahir Hakim


    You can do this straight from the WordPress admin, via the Appearance > Header page. There’s no need to use a child theme for this.



    Thanks Syahir,

    But I must have explained myself in a bad way … I want to remove the headline text – the blue text – under the the tab menus – that states which side the user is on – can you help me with that?


    Syahir Hakim


    Don’t really get what you’re referring to. The blue text that states which side the user is on? Can you also provide a link to the website in question?




    I take it all back about the header color. You’re right – there is a color change function in the header section of the theme; Really sorry I missed that.

    Any ideas about floating a logo image in the header?




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