GT V2.3 Homepage setting not working

  • Marcel


    When switching the homepage setting to
    “A static page”
    It shows the static page and the latest posts below (my guess)

    The way I did this:
    Create a view with “Content Views”, then create a page(not a post)
    in that page is the shortcode for this new view.
    – on GT homepage setting, switched to static page
    – the under Homepage selected the page “Desserts”
    – left Posts page empty

    I would assume I only get to top section not the bottom one as well.


    Syahir Hakim


    This is a known issue and we’ve got the fix ready. See this topic:



    Super. cant wait for the fix. 🙂



    Leider nicht behoben in V2.3.1


    Syahir Hakim


    If you’re referring to the bottom 4 posts on the home page, those are actually what’s called “Home page panes”. It’s meant to allow you to still display the latest posts when you’re using static front page. You can disable them from Customizer > Graphene: General > Home Page Panes > Disable homepage panes.



    Man, you are good. That was it.

    Thank you

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